Posted on: August 29, 2009 7:45 pm
Edited on: August 29, 2009 7:48 pm

The Voice of the Eagles!!

I am a die hard Philadelphia Eagles fan and a genuine Philadelphia Fan in all sports at heart.  For years and years, i would listen to Harry Kalas and take him for granted.  The voice that would echo "that ball is outta here" became very taken for granted until early in this baseball season when Harry Kalas passed away!!! Wow, i cant believe how much this really did bother me, it was like grabbing a piece of your childhood, the only voice in baseball i knew, and NO MORE.  It has allowed me to greatly appreciate the body of work Harry Kalas has done for the Philadelphia Phillies, along with NFL films and Chunky soups.  That voice was like opening up the heavens and a voice from above bellowing down.  Not only was his voice incredible but he was a funny guy in the booth, especially with Richie Ashburn.  There is a really great book about Harry Kalas called remembering Harry Kalas written by Rich Wolfe which can be enjoyed not only by Philadelphia Phillies fans but those who respect the art of announcing a professional sports game. 

Now i head into the Philadelphia Eagles season with a higher appreciation for the work that Merrill Reese does, I am going to have the radio cranked up and the volume on the tv "muted".  I am going to sit back and enjoy not only the over joyous "It's GOOD" calls when a game winning field goal is made but also the critique of the refs he offers and the "in the game" conversations between Mike Quick and Merrill Reese.  I know that Philadelphia has been spoiled with the sports broadcasters which we have had in the past and that some cities are looking for their voice, but those cities such as Chicago and LA who has had their voice come and go, know the joy and pain which can take place having a Vin, Harry C, or Harry K.

Merrill-----Thank You for what you do!!!! I look forward to hearing you in a Super Bowl---End the game with a "It's good, and the Philadelphia Eagles are the champions of football!!!!!!

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